Basic conventions

This is the list of easy - mostly naming - conventions that the B2B-Suite complies to:

Group Practice
DI Container All container ids look like b2b_*.*
The first asterisk is the component name
The second asterisk is a class name abbreviation
Database All table names start with b2b_
All table names are in singular
All field and table names are in snake case
Attributes All attribute names start with swag_b2b_
Subscriber All subscriber methods are named in accordance to their function, not to the event.
Tests All test methods are in snake case
All test methods start with test_
Controller All controller names start with B2b
View assignment should be done through the assign method eg $this->View()->assign('foo', 'bar');
Templates All new layout modules are wrapped in b2b--* class containers
modules reuse the template style of shopware
CSS: 3 levels of selector depth as max
{block name="swag_b2b_*"}{/block} empty blocks are in one line
JavaScript jQuery plugins are prefixed with b2b
jQuery plugins are written for the StateManager
Snippets Namespace in CamelCase
First line of every template: {namespace name="frontend/plugins/b2b_debtor_plugin"}
Use snippets with english defaults {s name="TestSnippet"} Test snippet {/s}