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Extending product exports


This article will show examples for extending product exports in shopware

Modify the article variables

The Shopware_Modules_Export_ExportResult_Filter_Fixed event can be used to modify the exported product data. A use case could be adding new variables to every product or edit one of the existing variables. You can also create your own filter to remove products which meet certain criteria. Here is a basic example how to use that event in a plugin base file:

public static function getSubscribedEvents()
    return [
        'Shopware_Modules_Export_ExportResult_Filter_Fixed' => 'onFilterExportResult',

public function onFilterExportResult(\Enlight_Event_EventArgs $args)
    $products = $args->getReturn();
    /** This is the id of the feed being exported */
    $feedId = $args->get('feedId');
    /** @var \sExport $sExport */
    $sExport = $args->get('subject');

     * Here is the instance of the sExport class which can be used to add new variables to smarty for example
    $sExport->sSmarty->assign('newVariable', ['custom' => 'This is a custom variable available in the export template']);

     * in $products are all the products as array which can be modified here
    foreach($products as &$product) {
        $product['randomNumber'] = random_int(1, 100);

    return $products;