Order List

Direct-Link to the module: my-shop.de/b2borderlist

Order List Overview

A list with all available order lists. A user can delete, copy or add the items to the basket for every order list.

Create Order List

With a click on the create order list Button a user can create a new order list. To create a list, a name is required.

Edit Order List

A click on the row or the edit button opens an Order List.

Master Data

After clicking, a modal window opens with the name of the list. A User can always change the name of the order list.


All positions are listed in the modal window.

With the arrow buttons, you can sort the order list positions. Deleting is done by clicking the delete button in the row. Through editing, a user can change a position´s quantity and write a comment.

Add Products

A user can add a position by clicking the add item Button. After clicking the modal window ask the two required values ordernumber and quantity. The ordernumber mus be a valid item order number from a normal item (mode = 0) in the shop. The comment is an optional value.

Add Products from Detail Page

Optionally a user can add products to a specific order list on the product detail page.

If the product is already on the list, an error message will be shown.

Add Products from Cart

On the confirm my-shop.de/checkout/confirm and cart page my-shop.de/checkout/cart, a user can add all normal products (modus = 0), to a specific order list.

The user can also create a new order list from the cart, by selecting create new order list.

Every product position from a cart can also be particular added to an order list.