REST API - Frequently Asked Questions


This article is a summary of problems that are reported frequently and the solutions to those problems.

Why do I get HTML errors instead of JSON?

If you receive errors with HTML instead of JSON (usually with a complete stacktrace) like this:

<br />
<b>Fatal error</b>:  Uncaught Shopware\Components\Api\Exception\NotFoundException: Article by id 23213213 not found in /engine/Shopware/Components/Api/Resource/Article.php:155
Stack trace:
#0 /engine/Shopware/Controllers/Api/Articles.php(75): Shopware\Components\Api\Resource\Article-&gt;getOne('23213213', Array)
#1 /engine/Library/Enlight/Controller/Action.php(159): Shopware_Controllers_Api_Articles-&gt;getAction()
#2 /engine/Library/Enlight/Controller/Dispatcher/Default.php(523): Enlight_Controller_Action-&gt;dispatch('getAction')
#3 /engine/Library/Enlight/Controller/Front.php(223): Enlight_Controller_Dispatcher_Default-&gt;dispatch(Object(Enlight_Controller_Request_RequestHttp), Object(Enlight_Controller_Response_ResponseHttp))
#4 /engine/Shopware/Kernel.php(182): Enlight_Controller_Front-&gt;dispatch()
#5 / in <b>2/engine/Shopware/Components/Api/Resource/Article.php</b> on line <b>155</b><br />

This is a sign that the configs throwExceptions and noErrorHandler which are located in config.php are set to true. Removing these entries or setting them to false should resolve this issue.

How can I access the API if my shop is protected with a .htaccess file?

You need to add an exception for the API route. Here is an example for the .htaccess file:

SetEnvIf Request_URI "(.*\/api((\/?$)|(\/.*$)))" ALLOW
Order Allow,Deny
Authtype Basic
AuthName "Shopware Testshop"
AuthUserFile /path/to/.htpasswd

require valid-user
Allow from env=ALLOW
Allow from env=REDIRECT_ALLOW
Satisfy any

# Rest of the shopware .htaccess

How do I configure API development tools like Postman to use them with the Shopware API?

There are two ways to allow API dev tools to authenticate with the Shopware API:

  • API tools like Postman support the following URL schema: (if you experience any issues with Postman, try the Google Chrome version instead of the standalone version)
  • Use the HTTP Basic authentication (introduced with Shopware 5.3.2)

To transmit a data to the API, select JSON (application/json) as Content-Type.