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Thoughtram Angular Master Class at Shopware

For three days, from 20th to 22nd June 2018 Shopware will host an awesome event that is all about AngularJS. During these three days, you'll build a real-world Angular application, learning everything you need to call yourself an angular master! It's...

New: Get your template or developer certification online

Interested in sharing your Shopware expertise with potential clients? Why not make it official - you can now take the exam to become a certified Shopware developer or template designer and developer online. Not only does a certificate increase your...

Free Online Course: Shopware Developer Basic Training

Interested in learning the basics of Shopware development? Or have you always wanted to create a plugin for Shopware? You now have the opportunity to dive into the technology behind Shopware 5 in our free course on Udemy, where you’ll...
Niklas Dzösch

Shopware Evangelist and Core Developer

Develop your own unique theme

Here Shopware Evangelist and Core Developer, Niklas Dzösch, takes you step-by-step through the process of developing your own unique Shopware theme. From installation to uploading your own theme in our store, this video series provides you with first-hand experience so that you can easily start creating your own Shopware themes today.

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