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What is phive and why you should use it!

At the beginning of this year we decided to create a new enterprise accelerator for our enterprise eco system. The so called Pricing Engine. With this new project we evaluated the PHAR Installation and Verification Environment (PHIVE) to manage all...

Clickstream analysis with server logs

Demographic data like server logs are more valuable than many shop user think. With server logs we identify user groups, push valuable products or do customer specific shop marketing with data lying around on the server. In this blog post...

An Argument against Microservices

Microservices... I have problems with that. And from many discussions at conferences I get the impression that I might not be the only one who's not getting it. So in the following article I want to attempt to deep dive...
Niklas Dzösch

Shopware Evangelist and Core Developer

Develop your own unique theme

Here Shopware Evangelist and Core Developer, Niklas Dzösch, takes you step-by-step through the process of developing your own unique Shopware theme. From installation to uploading your own theme in our store, this video series provides you with first-hand experience so that you can easily start creating your own Shopware themes today.

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