Custom ordernumber

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Custom ordernumber overview

The custom ordernumber overview is splitted into two parts. The custom ordernumber file upload and the custom ordernumber grid. The custom ordernumbers can be used instead of the shop ordernumbers.

Custom ordernumber file upload

The custom ordernumber upload allows to import ordernumbers from *.csv, *.xls or *.xlsx files and replace them with existing.

Upload feature overview
  • Import *.csv, *.xls or *.xlsx file
  • configuration of column to use (first column starts with 0), csv delimiter, csv enclosure and used headline

Custom ordernumber grid

The grid shows a list of all custom ordernumbers. The empty line can be used, to add new custom ordernumbers.

Feature overview
  • Create / Edit / Delete custom ordernumbers
  • autocompletion for product ordernumbers