Shopware IRC Channel

The shopware IRC channel is discontinued

It is replaced by Slack. Please use invite link to connect and (re)join the awesome shopware community via chat!

Why was IRC discontinued?

Since 2011, the shopware IRC channel was active and well established.
Today, IRC is a little bit nerdy and we really love it. Most of the cool kids are playing on freenode.

But besides the coolness there are a few disadvantages that come with using IRC:

  • No history without 3rd party software
  • No mapping between the contributor and the IRC nick (Who is xenomorph again?)
  • No easy access except through anonymous web IRC clients
  • Lacks modern features like image sharing, formatting and such

Of course, all these points are arguable.
But in the end, we wanted to have a chat community with easier access and more modern features.

We hope to not lose any old IRC users (we learned to love you all at #shopware) and get many new and interesting people to join Gitter.

"But I don't want to use Gitter! In fact, I hate it!"

Don't worry, we've got you covered.

There is an official bridge you can use to connect via IRC: gitterHQ/irc-bridge (you can host your own version if you want to).

You need to get a token, which you can obtain from, and if you need help configuring there are some guides for that.

Remember how we stated we love our IRC users? We do, indeed. Including you. <3