Shopware Gitter Channel

The shopware Gitter channel is discontinued

It is replaced by Slack. Please use invite link to connect and (re)join the awesome shopware community via chat!

The official chatroom for shopware is shopware/shopware on

You can find active community members and even some shopware employees there.

Please note, the main channel is used for shopware related topics and english only.

There is a separate channel for offtopic talk.

Because of our strong german community, for the time being there is a german channel as well.

How to connect

Use one of the links above or choose your channel from the overview. You can login using either your github or your twitter account.

If you do not want to use the website, there are Gitter apps available as well.

Mobile users can use the iPhone or android app.

Why not IRC or Slack?

The #shopware IRC channel was active since 2011 and had quite a few regular active users. It is no longer available. The reasons for discontinuing can be found here.

Ultimatively, we choose Gitter over slack because shopware is an open source product with git as VCS and with Gitter there is a direct connection between the chat and our repository. The community evolves around github, so Gitter was the most integrated and easily accessible medium for a chat.