New: Get your template or developer certification online

Interested in sharing your Shopware expertise with potential clients? Why not make it official - you can now take the exam to become a certified Shopware developer or template designer and developer online. Not only does a certificate increase your opportunities as a developer, but it’s proof of your expertise and ability to develop innovative solutions for Shopware. Equipped with everything you need to know to pass, our free trainings on Udemy are the perfect way to prepare for the exam. Those who are looking to become re-certified can also do so online.

After booking the certification, you will receive an email with a link to the test and your individual access data. You do not have to take the test straight away - you are free to determine when and where to take the exam. There are between 19 and 20 questions for each test. You can find out what minimum score is required in order to pass plus further information about the certification on our FAQ page.

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After passing the test, your certificate will be made available for download in your account. The certificate will automatically appear in the partner listing and on your partner detail page, permitting you have an existing partner profile on the Shopware website. Your certificates help Shopware customers identify which partner is best suited for their project needs. If you are a plugin manufacturer, your certificate appears in your profile in the Community Store. Next to having an impact on your trust level, your certification affects whether your plugin qualifies for bronze, silver or gold. Every certificate is valid for 18 months. You will automatically receive a notification before your certificate is set to expire.

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