Free Online Course: Shopware Developer Basic Training

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Interested in learning the basics of Shopware development? Or have you always wanted to create a plugin for Shopware? You now have the opportunity to dive into the technology behind Shopware 5 in our free course on Udemy, where you’ll be taken through the fundamentals of working with one of Europe’s leading open source eCommerce platforms.

The course starts with setting up multiple shop configurations for different system environments and takes you through creating your first plugin from scratch. The result should serve as a foundation so that you can gradually extend the plugin by applying more knowledge throughout the remainder of the course.

While creating new pages and setting up a redirection for unauthenticated users, you will cover topics like:

  • Controllers and routing
  • Templates
  • Events
  • Using the service container

Two examples will round off the course by using what you’ve learned to create a new service and implement the plugin lifecycle methods.

Your trainer will be Dominic Klein, Core Developer at Shopware.

  Enrol now and start writing your first plugin!

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