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Internationalisation is a topic that we are very passionate about here at shopware. Empowered by our company vision of internationally shaping the world of eCommerce, we decided to put a strong focus on making it easier for shop owners to create immersive and emotional shopping experiences for customers from all over the world. Below you can find some of the areas of research this initiative for improved internationalisation includes.

Flexible Taxation Rules

One of our research topics is the flexible integration of very detailed, international taxation rules. This includes individual tax rates for states within a country, as e.g. the states in the USA each have different tax rules and regulations, as well as more fine-grained control on a per-product level. Products that have plugs or can be considered 'dangerous goods' might be taxed differently in some countries but not others, so taxes would need to be configurable based on product attributes and the like.

Internationalized Prices

Price handling can be very complicated depending on the country your shop is based in and the countries you are offering your products in. You might be maintaining your prices in Euros, but as soon as you sell products to the UK, you need to take daily exchange rates into account, which will have an impact on the way prices are displayed to your customers. We are currently evaluating ways to prevent ugly, auto-converted prices by e.g. allowing to maintain prices in multiple currencies or by allowing to round prices to the nearest X cents.

Improved Form Handling and Configuration

While in Germany, almost every address consists of a street, street number, zip code and city, other countries can be vastly different when it comes to address formatting. In the United Kingdom, houses might have their own zip code or a their own name instead of a street number. Therefore we are researching, how internationalised form configuration could be implemented to e.g. allow a different order of address fields during registration / checkout, depending on the user's country.


...and many more exciting features

Now it's your turn to check out the current development state. We published a branch on GitHub which contains all the changes regarding our research topics.

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