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In oder to be able to support all the new features and improvements described in these documents, the shopware core will need to undergo a lot of structural changes - including refactorings, rewrites and other technical modifications. We are currently in the process of evaluating the new technical basis of the system and have decided on some of the most fundamental technologies already. As we have announced on the last Shopware Community Day in June 2017, we are going to bid farewell to ExtJS as the basis for the shopware backend. Additionally, the Zend framework will go and give place to a more tightly integrated, full-stack Symfony 3 based approach. The technology stack will be based on PHP 7.1 and MySQL database schema fully integrated with foreign key constraints where sensible.

...and many more exciting features

Now it's your turn to check out the current development state. We published a branch on GitHub which contains all the changes regarding our research topics.

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