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One of the most fundamental research projects we are currently working on is the new Shopware API. With a completely reworked and optimized architecture, the new API will be the foundation of both the front- and backend. Instead of being an extension to the existing infrastructure, the API will be regarded as a first-class citizen in Shopware. We strive to make every single aspect of the system available over the API. As a direct abstraction of the underlying database it will feature considerable increases in performance compared to the current architecture. To achieve this, we have decided to remove Doctrine as an ORM - instead, all database operations will be grouped together in a new Repository layer that integrates with the database directly using a dbal-queries. Topics like ACLs and API versioning are still being evaulated and will be described in more detail in the future.


...and many more exciting features

Now it's your turn to check out the current development state. We published a branch on GitHub which contains all the changes regarding our research topics.

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