99 Paper Cuts

What is the 99 Papercut Project?

As an open source project, Shopware’s strength is attributed to the feedback and involvement from our vibrant Community. So in honor of this philosophy, we created the project “99 Papercuts” to encourage your direct involvement in making Shopware the best possible eCommerce software for your needs.

In the first phase of the project, we asked for your suggestions on how Shopware could be tweaked and made even better. To make this project a huge success, we need the added manpower from your contributions in this second phase.

Get involved in making Shopware an even better solution!

Starting on Monday, 5th September and continuing until Monday, 19th September, we would like to tackle as many papercut bugs as possible, together with developers and coders from our Community.

How you can contribute:

  1. Join our IRC Channel for direct communication with us and the rest of the community.
  2. Find a papercut that you want to fix from the existing papercuts.
    • When you start working please write a comment like "Working on it" into the ticket.
  3. Create a Pull Request on Github.
    • Please read How to create a Pull Request
    • The pull request must be based on the 99-papercuts branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature upstream/99-papercuts)
    • Prefix the Pull Request Title with [Papercut] like this: [Papercut] Fix spelling of newsletter
    • The commit message must be formatted with the Issue number like this: SW-9999 - Fix spelling of newsletter
    • When you have opened the pull request please add a comment with the pull request URL to the ticket
  4. Our team will review and test your code, please watch out for feedback in the pull request
  5. If the code is successfully reviewed and tested it will be merged into the 99-papercuts branch
  6. GOTO 2.

Take your pick from submitted papercuts

Don't know where to start? You can also see all existing papercuts in the Issue Tracker. Papercuts with the most votes can be considered priority!

Direct contact & help from Shopware developers

The best tool to directly communicate with the Community and shopware developers is the #shopware IRC Channel. During the time of the papercut project, we will be paying close attention to this channel and supporting you with your pull requests.

Brag about it on Twitter

Please use the hashtag #99papercuts to make some noise on Twitter. We look forward to putting your work in the spotlight!